Nagaur Fair  

The Pushkar Fair occurs every year in the Hindu month of kartik (October /November), this year the Pushkar Fair will be held between 30th Oct - 06th November 2014 . During this period Pushkar and its environs come alive as the much awaited annual camel & cattle fair begins at Pushkar. Hotels are full to their capacity, tents and campsites suddenly spring up to accommodate the thousands of pilgrims, tourists and villagers with herds of cattle, horses and camels who come here to participate in this grand annual event. 

Pushkar fair has always been the region's central cattle market for local herdsmen and farmers of Rajasthan,who buy and sell camels , horses and indigenous breeds of cattle. Pushkar fair is now one of Asia’s largest cattle fairs. 

The other major cattle fairs being Sonepur Mela in Bihar and Nagaur fair also in Rajasthan. During Pushkar Mela, as the Pushkar fair is called by locals, Pushkar is transformed from a quiet little town into a sea of humanity and beast, bustling with activity and a riot of colour, sights and smells very distinct to India. The village folk visit the fair dressed in all their finery .Tall Men in bright coloured turbans, with their weather beaten and tanned faces supporting large well kept moustaches, ears pierced with gold and silver rings and tops , women wearing colourful Gagra - Cholis and bright Coloured Odhnis on their heads. Ears, necks, arms ,and feet laden with chunky silver and gold jewellery. 

The photo opportunity provided at the Pushkar fair is tremendous and indeed the Pushkar fair can be any photographers delight. Even the animals are decorated and pampered by their owners. 

During the Pushkar fair, numerous camel, horse and donkey races and contests take place amid loud cheers from the spectators. These contests and competitions are organised In the vast, specially-built amphitheatre on the outskirts of the town, A festive, carnival atmosphere prevails in Pushkar during the fair's two-week duration. Giant ferries wheels and open air theatres offer amusement, while food stalls do a brisk trade, as do the shops that sell a fascinating variety of goods. In the evening, people huddle round campfires listening to Rajasthani folk ballads. The fair reaches a crescendo on the night of the full moon (Kartik Purnima), when pilgrims take a dip in the holy lake. At dusk, during the beautiful Deepdaan ceremony, hundreds of clay lamps on leaf boats are lit and set afloat on the sacred Pushkar lake. 

Besides the Pushkar fair, Pushkar also has a lot of temples and 52 Ghats, the most famous temple in Pushkar is the Brahma Temple, dedicated to Lord Brahma, The creator of the Universe according to Hindu mythology. Pushkar is one of the best places to observe the Hindu way of life in all its piety.